Acer Ready to Launch Android Phone Liquid A1

Be prepared to welcome the presence of Acer's first mobile phone that reportedly will soon be launched in late November or no later than early December. Besutan Acer's first mobile phone is expected to be carrying the Android-based operating system.

After a busy discussed since a few months ago, Acer announced that finally they were ready to launch its first mobile phone on the market is adopting Android OS.Acer claims that this first phone will be a formidable competitor in its class.

Likewise with the information leaked specs on a few months ago. Acer Liquid A1 will bring true Snapdragon Qualcomm 768MHz processor, 3.5-inch screen with a resolution of 800 x 400 pixels and is supported by Capacitive Touch Screen.

In addition, Acer will support the A1 Liquid HSDPA/3.5G network, 5MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, GPS, and of course equipped with 1.6/2.0 Android operating system.

Compiled from several sources, Acer plans to A1 Liquid dibandrol priced around 480 dollars or 4.6 million. Although the new A1 Liquid Acer will land for the first time in English, but most likely this Acer's first mobile phone will also be present in Indonesia in the near future.