Samsung Will Be King Touch Screen

Samsung will be one touch screen mobile phone maker's largest, according to records from Shinhan Investment. Nearly half the company's handset will have a touch screen. The company's Korean instruments to improve delivery of about 57 million units this year and at least 100 million by 2010.

Approximately 45 percent of the whole range of handsets next year the company predicted it will use laar touch.

Analysts also believe that Samsung will change the mix of touch-screen cell phone. Approximately 65 percent of the phone uses a capacitive touch screen replaces the old resistive screen as minorities.

This indirectly supports the claim that Samsung will reduce Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS that does not have the support of the second half of the capacitive until 2010. As for Android, Symbian and may Bada will bring new features.

Most Windows Mobile devices has advanced muuncul this year with some carrying device Symbian and Android.

Switching from a traditional QWERTY pad into a touch screen is important for Samsung, because all smartphone almost identical and only small improvements in the last quarter.

In comparison, Apple's exclusive focus on the touch screen was successfully capturing more than previously thought.